Wall Graphics

Whizdom Club by MQDC India recently launched a co-working space in Gurgaon, and looked to Wololo to create a set of customised wall art. While ‘Innovation’ was meant to be at the forefront of the designs, we gathered some more keywords to guide the process: interactive, dynamic, playful, connectivity, colourful, inspiring, and youthful.

Wololo worked on the digital artworks, while on site implementation was carried out by Graff Inkorp.

Design Concept

Portraying innovation through the art of stone balancing.

Stone balancing represents the art of creating order out of nature’s chaos. The practice can channel positive energy, and nurture creativity.

Innovation means renewing or altering the way something has been done. It is something new and original. In our artwork, we wish to portray stone balancing, modernised graphically.

Furthermore, since the artworks were meant to span across three floors, we assigned a theme to each floor. The first floor’s theme is ‘Underwater’, second floor is ‘Land’, and the third floor is ‘Sky’.