Brand Identity

Nestled in the Tennessee mountains, Pigeon Forge is a captivating town known for attractions like Dollywood and the Smoky Mountains. Its name, inspired by “The Little Pigeon River” and Isaac Love’s historic iron forge, reflects a blend of natural beauty and industrial heritage.

Tasked with branding a travel service for Pigeon Forge, we introduced the name “Pigeon Forge Passport.” Our challenge was to encapsulate the town’s rich history, from its connection to passenger pigeons to the significance of the Iron Forge along the Little Pigeon River.

Visual Identity

For the logo, we delved into local design styles, drawing inspiration from the mountains, the Iron Forge, and the river. Our chosen direction features a water mill graphic, representing authenticity and a strong connection to Pigeon Forge. Incorporating old-school typography, hand-drawn motifs, and a vibrant colour palette, inspired by the forge’s surroundings, the final product resonates with the town’s essence while appealing to the target demographic.