Brand Identity

Lattu Biryani is a cloud kitchen that specialises in serving different forms of biryani found across India. The brand was intended to be playful, funky and daring – aimed at a younger working class audience.

We were required to create the entire visual identity and think up a name, keeping in mind a nit-picking audience who didn’t need to be resold their biryani

Visual Identity

After breaking down the Indian phenomenon that is ‘biryani’, we locked in on the obsession that it so easily triggers in the country. This gave birth to its name. the visual identity had to continue from there so we revived a retro-kitsch look, modernised a little and added a handful of eccentricity. The colour palette has been left with just 3 colours to make it eye catching and more uniform across all the multiple branding points such as the menu, the handi and so on.