Brand Identity
Illustration Graphics

We were tasked with rebranding and creating a brand identity for an all-encompassing mental health online service. The goal was to strike a delicate balance between acknowledging the gravity of the topic and providing a serene and joyful user experience.

Guided by our passion for mental wellness, we embarked on a creative journey to craft a brand narrative that resonates with individuals seeking support. Drawing inspiration from the uplifting power of bright and cheery aesthetics, we carefully curated a visual language that captures the essence of happiness and tranquility.

Visual Identity

The design choices were executed to create a calming and happy space, where visitors can find solace and explore various counselling services. The outcome of our rebranding endeavour is a visual identity that exudes positivity and embraces the profound significance of mental health. The process yielded a name that creates a sense of approachability toward a historically sensitive, if not taboo, subject. The Happy Heads logo, infused with elements of contentment and ease, serves as a welcoming symbol of support.

Drawing upon a palette of vivid colours, we hoped to forge an experience that deftly balances radiant energy with the reverence deserved by matters of the mind.
tThe final result is an immersive and uplifting experience, celebrating the journey towards emotional well-being .