Brand Identity
Brochure Design

Gulshan is a leading luxury real estate developer in Delhi NCR, offering multiple housing and commercial projects. They wished to launch their first luxury project which would boost their value in the real estate market, and did so under the name – Gulshan Dynasty.

We were tasked with creating the visual identity, including an insignia which could also be used as a motif in the actual construction.

Visual Identity

The definition of dynasty is “a powerful group or family that rules for an extended period of time”. This is the feeling that Gulshan wanted it’s residents to be reassured of and it fell on us to follow a route that was regal but not tacky, timeless but not outdated. This led to us picking a griffin as the mascot and muse for the insignia. The lion’s face was even recreated as a motif for the interiors and the lion itself was sculpted to stand at guard at the residential complex. The rest of the visual identity including the font selection, colours and other elements naturally fell into place.