Global Hiring Organisation

Brand Identity
Website Guidelines

The task at hand was to create a visual identity for Global Hiring Organisation (GHO), a repository of knowledge and expert insight on global hiring. The project brief included designing a logo, developing a visual narrative, and designing the organisation’s website.

The design inspiration for this project draws from two primary sources.The initial inspiration comes from newspapers, characterised by their blocky structure and segmented sections. This element of newspapers represents the structured approach to organising information. The second inspiration is the global aspect, with a focus on latitude and longitude lines and maps featuring geometric forms. this element aims to convey the global reach and interconnectedness of the hiring process.

Visual Identity

The project incorporates abstract and poetic elements. It envisions all the design patterns as windows that expand one’s horizons when looked through. The final product features chunky letters, a structured layout, and a pattern that runs through the website and the overall visual language. The resulting design evokes a sense of clarity, structure, and global connectivity. It positions GHO as a reliable resource for businesses seeking effective talent acquisition in a global context.

The design captures the essence of demystifying the complexities of global hiring and making this knowledge accessible to all, all while embodying the organisation’s commitment to these ideals.