CSP Global

Tagline Development
Tone of Voice
Brand Framework
Website Illustration

Our mission was a comprehensive rebranding of CSP Global, a B2B company in the cybersecurity sector. This rebrand aimed to encapsulate the essence of CSP Global, infusing modernity and zen-inspired principles while positioning the brand as a forward-thinking leader in the industry.

Central to the rebrand was the development of the tagline, “Staying Ahead”. This succinct phrase was purposefully developed to embody the core tenet of hyper-vigilance that defines CSP Global’s operations. The tagline acts as a guiding beacon, embodying the brand’s commitment to proactive security measures and unceasing foresight.

Visual Identity

The project incorporates abstract and poetic elements. It envisions all the design patterns as windows that expand one’s horizons when looked through. The final product features chunky letters, a structured layout, and a pattern that runs through the website and the overall visual language. The resulting design evokes a sense of clarity, structure, and global connectivity. It positions GHO as a reliable resource for businesses seeking effective talent acquisition in a global context.

The design captures the essence of demystifying the complexities of global hiring and making this knowledge accessible to all, all while embodying the organisation’s commitment to these ideals.