Brand Identity
Character Design

Besht by Kothari Foods, is a line of healthy snacks made with alternative bases such as ragi and oats. targeted to be launched in tier 2 and tier 3 towns, the snacks needed to be developed in a manner that would help them stand out in an over-crowded, but
perennially hungry market.

Visual Identity

We saw this project through from the early steps of coming up with the name, to then branding it, developing a mascot and creating the packaging for the snacks, as if it was our own. Knowing that the early adopters of our products would mostly be pre-teen kids who lived without any pretences, we ensured that the visual identity was appropriately loud, bold, eye catching, colourful, and most importantly ‘unserious’. In line with that philosophy we also developed the mascot ‘tera bhai’ for the brand, who embodied its whimsical nature.

Finally with Jaaved Jaaferi being roped in as the brand ambassador and the real-life counterpart of our mascot, the brand was ready for its much awaited immediate sell-out from stores (which did happen).