Ascot is a distinguished name in the hospitality and real estate sector, known for easy accessibility and meaningful usage of space, beyond the conventional. With an array of brands that provide unique experiences, whether it is premium serviced apartments by Savoy Suites, wayside services by Savoy Greens or bespoke estates by Tullahmore Estate, Ascot’s properties aim to offer the apex of hospitality by being present in convenient locations and offering services, facilities and amenities that feel definitive.

We were required to take this legacy brand and rebrand it as a luxury hospitality brand.

Visual Identity

Since our task was to rebrand Ascot Hospitality to be more modern and premium visually, while keeping the ethos of the brand intact, instead of doing a complete overhaul of the brand, we chose an evolutionary manner to rebrand the logo, trimming off what wasn’t necessary and using existing visual elements, giving it a fresh reinterpretation. The final product was something that exuded luxury and pride .