Brand Identity

Alphabets is an NGO, and a friend of the Blue vector company, that focuses on educating under-privileged children. They overlook each child’s education from kindergarten till senior secondary. The children’s education is sponsored by a group of investors, who are
given monthly and yearly updates on the student’s performance. They also engage the parents to help them prioritise their children’s education.

We even won an award for this branding project – Silver, Best Corporate/Brand Identity, Foxglove Awards, 2019

Visual Identity

We started by creating a tagline for alphabets – ‘every little counts’. We decided to take a more literal route with our branding to help ensure that the brand’s work shone through clearly in the logo and it didn’t feel esoteric or sappy. The logo is a simple depiction of imparting education to a child created using the ‘A’ of the name. The visual language is soft, rounded, illustration led, in essence something a child could enjoy and an adult empathise with.