Brand Identity

Albela is an Indian restaurant in Goa. It’s menu is colourful, flavourful, spicy and all things nice. As a property, it’s a beautiful little place you would love to call your own, reflecting Indian dispositions and well-travelled tastes. It has this unique feeling of
being an eatery made for everyone but is yet a wallflower – mysterious, unpredictable and always fun.

We were tasked with giving the brand a name and creating the entire visual identity.

Visual Identity

The branding is inspired by, and is an ode to, traditional Indian art forms like Madhubani, Pichwai and Gond, made contemporary for the modern customer. It brings together the best of traditional sensibilities and modern palettes. The logo exudes tempered and matured playfulness, and is easy on the eye, with its gentle curves and familiar, nature based motif. The rest of the visual identity is an extension of that, giving the place and the brand a characteristic almost nostalgic feeling.