Brand Framework
Visual Identity Design

Our team had the privilege of collaborating with an upcoming sustainable
energy brand based in Bihar, India. Aaroha, which means ‘always ascending,’
symbolises the company’s upward journey in the realm of renewable energy.
Aaroha’s mission is to revolutionise the renewable energy sector and expand
into new markets, including alcohol and pharmaceuticals, all while
championing environmental sustainability.

Challenges raised in the development of the brand -

1. Cultural Fusion : One of the central challenges was to seamlessly integrate
elements of Bihar’s cultural heritage into Aaroha’s brand identity.

2. Sustainability Integration : The branding needed to convey Aaroha’s
steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability while maintaining an
aesthetically pleasing and inviting brand image. 

3. Scalability : The brand’s visual language and messaging were to be flexible
enough to encompass future diversification.

Visual Identity

Our approach was rooted in a deep understanding of Aaroha’s values
and objectives.

1. Cultural Fusion: Extensive research into Madhubani art–an art form
indigenous to the region–allowed us to draw from its rich symbolism and
motifs, which became central elements in Aaroha’s visual identity.
These cultural elements were seamlessly integrated into the brand’s design.

2. Sustainability Integration: Modern design elements and a colour palette
reflecting eco-consciousness and progress were carefully selected to
convey Aaroha’s commitment to sustainability.

3. Scalability: We ensured that the branding could scale seamlessly as
Aaroha expanded into new markets, including alcohol and pharmaceuticals.