Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Card Design

Angry Indians is a satirical card game created by Abhishek Sheel and Rhiju Talukdar during the pandemic. The game is a hilarious take on everything Indian such from politics, social norms and the daily grind.

Each card is a mini masterpiece showing exaggerated, comical versions of everyday Indian scenes and characters.


Challenges faced by Abhishek Sheel, in charge of designing the cards.
  • The Solo Challenge: Handling 89 illustrations for the cards and 2 for the deck design solo was quite a task. Maintaining consistency throughout was key, so I relied on my well-practiced doodle art style to achieve a unified look.


  • Consistency Struggle: As I progressed, my skills noticeably improved, resulting in better-looking cards towards the end. To uphold quality standards, I ended up redoing the line art for all 89 + 2 cards.


  • Motivation Amidst Adversity: This passion project coincided with the challenges of the COVID era, providing a way to keep ourselves engaged and distracted. However, the biggest hurdle turned out to be maintaining motivation during those dark times.